The Royal Brand for the Loyal Customers

We love what we do

Our consumers represent all socio-economic groups and partners from small and medium level traders in Sri Lanka.

Our working process

Using our combined experience, technical expertise and local knowledge, we’re able to deliver products made of recommended nutrition formula that contributes to the community, our economy and future generations.

Morrich Backer (PVT) LTD has been the main manufacturer and distributer of Rusk since 2018. We started this business in our neighbourhood level and within 04 years we have grown to distribute varieties of quality and energetic Milk Rusk across Sri Lanka, an Island country in the South Asian Region with 21.5 million populations.

Morrich Backer was incorporated under Sri Lankan Companies Act on December 17th, 2018. Morrich Backer is a baked Rusk manufacturing company that delivers high quality Milk Rusk of accepted nutritional content at affordable price for all socio-economic groups – low-income, middle and upper. In addition, we have broad expertise with commercial clients throughout the country. We have had distributors operating in 15 out of total 25 districts in Sri Lanka within two years of our commencement of this business, and currently our product is demanded by baked-food distributors in all 25 districts.

Morrich Backer is fully licensed specialist in all facets of baked foods with industrial and export development boards. Our technical personnel have over 20 years of progressive experience in making the highest standards for healthy, safe and clean baked food. Dedicated to Excellence, we utilize technically modified machineries and skilled personnel to change and improve the way baked food are designed and processed in compliance with the recommended nutritional norms and value. Our future plan is to expand our production to other segmentation of baked food – bread and cake - that are expected in higher standard in the market.

Founder History

Mohamed Naleem is a Sri Lankan Muslim by born in 1979, and one and the only son to his beloved parents.  He raised, and had his higher secondary education in his hometown in Akkaraipattu Municipality in South East of Sri Lanka. Since his younger age, he has been motivated to become a leading entrepreneur one day, in his vicinity at least, and opted for food industry as his best field after being induced by the environment of his hometown, one of the largest agriculture based economic center in South East of Sri Lanka with large extend of lands for paddy and sugarcane cultivation, and medium level dairy farms.

At the age of 38, on the direction given by his Spiritual Guru, Kuthubuna As-Seyyidh As-Sheikh Abdul Majeed  Makkatthar (Rahmathullahi Alaihi)

he focused on making Rusk-Baked Food. Having learnt all the technical aspects behind baking food, from the experienced bakers in his neighborhood, in 2019 he established a cottage industry to bake Rusk. In 2020 he wanted to change the way Rusk is manufactured in Sri Lanka, and he started baking the Rusk out of recommended nutritional value contents as Malnutrition remains a serious problem for Sri Lankan children and Sri Lanka generally induced by imbalanced diet.  Since 2021, Morrich Milky Rusk, made out of Wheat and fresh liquid Milk from dairies Gal – Oya reservoir irrigable command area in South East of Sri Lanka has been distributed in all 25 districts in the country, with sale volume of LKR. 100 million per month. Currently, Morrich Baker has released another variety, Whole Wheat Rusk, the first-ever product in Sri Lanka, to the market, and it has reached the sale volume of LKR. 25 million per month.

Morrich Baker will leap forward to produce their Rusk out of ingredients which improve human immune system, in the forthcoming years. Such food is highly realized following the prevailing world pandemic situation.

Greatest Mentors

My father, Mohamed Basheer, a Motorbike technician, specialized in Carburetor fixing, really helped me think out of the box, and work hard while my mother, Rahumma Beevi fed me moral values. My spouse, Issrath Begam, a complete partner, keeps stretching her both left and right hands.
My spiritual Great Guru, Kuthubuna As-Seyyidh Abdul Majeed Makkatthar (Rahmathullahi Alaihi), keeps mending me on the Right Path. Trustworthiness; the attitude of Loyalty, he preaches the world, strictly directed me to bake Rusk-Food and become a leading entrepreneur. He named my company ‘Morrich’, writing its alphabets by his hand and he blessed our product a Royal Crown Brand; loyalty attributes to Royalty. Now our brand has become the Royal Brand for Loyal Customers

Our Team

Pillars of making the best Rusk Biscuits in Sri Lanka.

MBM Naleem


Issrath Begum






MM Naleem

Area Manager


Factory Manager


Modern Trade Manager

We work through every aspect at the planning


Our Men

We are a company that prides itself on its family’ culture and we seek out high-caliber people. We are a company that has, at its core, crews with team spirit that is clearly apparent each and every day – there is a real sense of being there for one another.

We believe in nurturing the skills of our team members and providing growing levels of responsibility.

Of all the things that we do for baking nutritious and tasty Rusks that Morrich undertakes on a daily basis, it’s our people who are better aware of our mission of manufacturing nutritious and more hygienic food for the consumers, and partner in our success. Our people bring unique skills, energy, expertise, experience and perspectives to our workforce.

Our Family

Our Internal Team